The Classroom

One of our instructors teaching a very intent class!

On The Range

One of our students practicing on the range.

On The Range

One of our classes ready to be tested on the range for their certification.

On The Range

One of our classes participating in the range skills test.


WELCOME to Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions!

We are excited that you have found us on the web! Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions is Central-Ohio’s premier firearms and personal defense training center! We are dedicated to professionalism and offering the highest level of integrity through informative, nonjudgmental training and education for all walks of life. From Firearm Safety Courses for Children up to Defensive Pistol as well as  many other courses. We pride ourselves in offering a down-to-earth atmosphere and relaxed environment that facilitates learning and an enjoyable time.

Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions has been conducting training courses and firearm training since 2007. Recognized in every county in Ohio and by many law-enforcment agencies as a productive and professional training system, our traveling courses have been offered in nearly every county in Ohio!

We embrace all levels of ability! If you have been around firearms all of you life or even if you have never even pulled a trigger, our instructors and trainers will bring the learning to you in a manner that adapts to all learning levels. At MOPDS we also will meet every individuals physical challenges and special needs to provide a premier firearm education.

Please visit our pages and learn more about MOPDS and what we have to offer. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us by email, text message or phone call at 419-566-9665.


An independent, 3rd party, Review of MOPDS CCW Course

“Let me start by saying, I was getting a little tired of going to CCW classes.  They are starting to run together and they are a long day.  I was not looking forward to this class at all.  Another long day learning the same information and then I get to shoot for awhile.  This has been the first time I’ve felt this way.

This class had an interesting start for me because I got lost on the way.  My GPS said that the fire department was on one side of a highway intersection and it was on the other.  When I found it, I didn’t park in the right place (you can’t block the garage doors for the emergency vehicles!)  I thought I was going to be very late, but as I came in to the busy looking classroom, I hadn’t missed anything.  Michael was walking around talking and meeting with the other instructors and students.  His wife, Rachel, was scurrying around getting last minute paperwork and monies in order for the class to start.

We got started around 8:30 and Rachel gave an introduction of all the instructors and their credentials.  Rachel explained the class was ½ NRA and ½ OPOTA, taking the best from both worlds and marrying them into a comprehensive, interesting and learnable class.  We went around the room and introduced ourselves.  There were 15 students in the class, 7 women and 8 men.  We were a pretty quiet group for being one of the largest classes I’ve been in, but that didn’t seem to deter Michael.

As he started talking, he had a way of speaking that made you want to learn.  He is charismatic and interesting.  They have a saying at MOPDS (okay, they have a lot of sayings):  “If we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always gotten.”  They live this motto proudly as they teach everything in easy to learn steps.  First, Michael charged us with reading the Bill of Rights.  How are you going to fight for your rights, if you don’t know what they are?  Next, he said something that I think we don’t want to do, read our manuals.  He kept going back to it throughout the day stating reasons why this was so important.  There are things about some guns that could really damage them if you don’t know, or possible reasons why a gun might go off.

The power point was easy to understand and was not read, but lectured from.  Michael made you want to take notes and even put little post-it notes next to the items that would be on the test so you could see it, hear it and write it down to make the learning stick.  Michael proposed 6 rules of gun safety with detailed reasoning as to why they were important.  My favorite was Rule #3:  Keep your finger off the trigger. Or at MOPDS, “Keep your booger-hook off the bang-switch!”  Michael explained the 3 physical reasons why your body could pull the trigger accidentally causing an accident.  There are just things your body automatically does that could cause this problem.

He followed this by the parts of the gun and ammunition.  Why is it called the front/back strap?  What actually happens to the bullet as you pull the trigger to the point that it leaves the end of the barrel?  What kinds of ammunition jams could you get when shooting and why?  All these and much more were explained.  I understand the difference between single and double action, what kinds of ammo there are, why there are different kinds and why we need to have proper positioning and stance when firing our guns.  As Michael says, “People don’t know what they don’t know until they know they don’t know.”  Therefore, he went into each item and explained it so we could understand and went as far as to say, “Guns are easy.”

Michael says he gets complaints for not explaining how to clean a gun.  “You don’t need lessons on how to clean a car…” But he went through an explanation and showed us what’s in his kit.  For the most part, just take it apart and make everything clean was the response.

At some point, we stopped to get food for a working lunch.  Michael taught as we ate.  After the power point, all the instructors went around and checked our stances.  I got helpful advice from both Rachel and Michael, especially, pushing back with your support hand.  This gives more stability for the kickback.  I was skeptical here, but found on the range it really does help.

At the range, there were approximately 2 students per instructor.  The individual attention was fantastic, but it looked like they backed off the people who didn’t need it.  Rachel helped me as I am left eye dominant and right handed.  Turning my head to the side and looking just with my left eye was helpful as well as borrowing a lower caliber gun.  My husband’s Sig P238 just had too much kickback for me and a really tough trigger.  Rachel really spotted ways to help me and I did really well.

Overall, this course was more lecture style.  This was different than my previous courses that were more storytelling and video teaching.  That is my preferred preference.  It was interesting, light-hearted and serious as necessary.  I think an enjoyable course.”

Carrie Swingle, Concealment Unlimited


Outstanding course this past weekend

Outstanding course this past weekend, with our friends at the Handlebar Ranch!