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One of our instructors teaching a very intent class!

On The Range

One of our students practicing on the range.

On The Range

One of our classes ready to be tested on the range for their certification.

On The Range

One of our classes participating in the range skills test.


WELCOME to Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions!

We are excited that you have found us on the web! Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions is Central-Ohio’s premier firearms and personal defense training center! We are dedicated to professionalism and offering the highest level of integrity through informative, nonjudgmental training and education for all walks of life. From Firearm Safety Courses for Children up to Defensive Pistol as well as  many other courses. We pride ourselves in offering a down-to-earth atmosphere and relaxed environment that facilitates learning and an enjoyable time.

Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions has been conducting training courses and firearm training since 2007. Recognized in every county in Ohio and by many law-enforcment agencies as a productive and professional training system, our traveling courses have been offered in nearly every county in Ohio!

We embrace all levels of ability! If you have been around firearms all of you life or even if you have never even pulled a trigger, our instructors and trainers will bring the learning to you in a manner that adapts to all learning levels. At MOPDS we also will meet every individuals physical challenges and special needs to provide a premier firearm education.

Please visit our pages and learn more about MOPDS and what we have to offer. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us by email, text message or phone call at 419-566-9665.


An independent, 3rd party, Review of MOPDS CCW Course

“Let me start by saying, I was getting a little tired of going to CCW classes.  They are starting to run together and they are a long day.  I was not looking forward to this class at all.  Another long day learning the same information and then I get to shoot for awhile.  This has been the first time I’ve felt this way.

This class had an interesting start for me because I got lost on the way.  My GPS said that the fire department was on one side of a highway intersection and it was on the other.  When I found it, I didn’t park in the right place (you can’t block the garage doors for the emergency vehicles!)  I thought I was going to be very late, but as I came in to the busy looking classroom, I hadn’t missed anything.  Michael was walking around talking and meeting with the other instructors and students.  His wife, Rachel, was scurrying around getting last minute paperwork and monies in order for the class to start.

We got started around 8:30 and Rachel gave an introduction of all the instructors and their credentials.  Rachel explained the class was ½ NRA and ½ OPOTA, taking the best from both worlds and marrying them into a comprehensive, interesting and learnable class.  We went around the room and introduced ourselves.  There were 15 students in the class, 7 women and 8 men.  We were a pretty quiet group for being one of the largest classes I’ve been in, but that didn’t seem to deter Michael.

As he started talking, he had a way of speaking that made you want to learn.  He is charismatic and interesting.  They have a saying at MOPDS (okay, they have a lot of sayings):  “If we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always gotten.”  They live this motto proudly as they teach everything in easy to learn steps.  First, Michael charged us with reading the Bill of Rights.  How are you going to fight for your rights, if you don’t know what they are?  Next, he said something that I think we don’t want to do, read our manuals.  He kept going back to it throughout the day stating reasons why this was so important.  There are things about some guns that could really damage them if you don’t know, or possible reasons why a gun might go off.

The power point was easy to understand and was not read, but lectured from.  Michael made you want to take notes and even put little post-it notes next to the items that would be on the test so you could see it, hear it and write it down to make the learning stick.  Michael proposed 6 rules of gun safety with detailed reasoning as to why they were important.  My favorite was Rule #3:  Keep your finger off the trigger. Or at MOPDS, “Keep your booger-hook off the bang-switch!”  Michael explained the 3 physical reasons why your body could pull the trigger accidentally causing an accident.  There are just things your body automatically does that could cause this problem.

He followed this by the parts of the gun and ammunition.  Why is it called the front/back strap?  What actually happens to the bullet as you pull the trigger to the point that it leaves the end of the barrel?  What kinds of ammunition jams could you get when shooting and why?  All these and much more were explained.  I understand the difference between single and double action, what kinds of ammo there are, why there are different kinds and why we need to have proper positioning and stance when firing our guns.  As Michael says, “People don’t know what they don’t know until they know they don’t know.”  Therefore, he went into each item and explained it so we could understand and went as far as to say, “Guns are easy.”

Michael says he gets complaints for not explaining how to clean a gun.  “You don’t need lessons on how to clean a car…” But he went through an explanation and showed us what’s in his kit.  For the most part, just take it apart and make everything clean was the response.

At some point, we stopped to get food for a working lunch.  Michael taught as we ate.  After the power point, all the instructors went around and checked our stances.  I got helpful advice from both Rachel and Michael, especially, pushing back with your support hand.  This gives more stability for the kickback.  I was skeptical here, but found on the range it really does help.

At the range, there were approximately 2 students per instructor.  The individual attention was fantastic, but it looked like they backed off the people who didn’t need it.  Rachel helped me as I am left eye dominant and right handed.  Turning my head to the side and looking just with my left eye was helpful as well as borrowing a lower caliber gun.  My husband’s Sig P238 just had too much kickback for me and a really tough trigger.  Rachel really spotted ways to help me and I did really well.

Overall, this course was more lecture style.  This was different than my previous courses that were more storytelling and video teaching.  That is my preferred preference.  It was interesting, light-hearted and serious as necessary.  I think an enjoyable course.”

Carrie Swingle, Concealment Unlimited


Isn’t it Time

Last weekend I was out with my bride and passed a Food Pantry at a church.  The line of those less fortunate was out the door, across a long sidewalk and down a busy highway.  There were cars jockeying for position and the scene was chaotic at best.  As we continued on in our short travels, there was another church that was hosting a soup kitchen.  Although the scene was less chaotic, there were plenty of individuals taking advantage of this opportunity, to eat!

Why am I pointing this out? 

Because it was in Mount Vernon, Ohio!  Mount Vernon, Ohio!

Please do not misunderstand my disdain.  I am grateful for the institutions of mercy that do a public service for their community.  They are a God Send and I fully endorse their ministry. 

My point of contention is simply this; why are we still in an economic crisis?  “We” have now endured 5 years of promises; promises that our economy was at the forefront of this administration’s agenda? Initially, the “Regime” blamed the policies of the Bush administration.  They have now gotten 5 years of traction on this excuse.  Now they are blaming a divided House for the woes of the economy. 

If my memory is correct (and it is), the Regime stated in their reelection campaign that in their next term, all of our economic tribulations would be ironed out.  Phrases like, “It will be hard,” “The road will be rocky,” “The climb will be tough,” were cute and sincere in their delivery, but apparently unappreciated in their reality.  Apparently their platitudes to reinvigorate the economy have been just that; platitudes.

As of March 2013, the United States Department of Labor reported that unemployment was at 7.6%.  The Regime cites this statistic as a triumph.  What they don’t report is that there are fewer unemployed citizens looking for jobs.  Their unemployment benefits have run out and they are now living in a worse state of reality.  These citizens are virtually off the grid! 

The Regime has instead used their political muscle to distract, divide, antagonize and conquer.  The gun debate has been a great example of this.  Our president lives by the creed “Don’t let any good tragedy go to waste.”  He has tried to bully his agenda for stringent gun laws on the blood of the innocent.  His message has been one full of sorrow, but his itinerary is about the control. The willing media marches in step to his policies and don’t even give our plight economically, a mere mention.

Why are we talking about things that will not serve the betterment of the United States?  Why are we discussing gun rights, government health care, legalizing aliens, when we should be talking about jobs?  Why isn’t anyone standing on a platform asking his majesty “Where are all the jobs? 

Why?  Because he has distracted us into talking about what he wants to achieve.  More bureaucracy, more control, less rights as free citizens, more power.  This is achieved with division, derisive monologues and bullying.

Isn’t it time we get back to what made this country great; innovation, freedom, the right to pursue happiness?  Isn’t it time to put the food pantries and the soup kitchens out of business for the lack of need?

Isn’t it time?

Paul Merryman

Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions

Certified NRA Instructor

Ruger SR9c Compact 9mm Pistol

Ruger SR9c Compact Pistol-9mm Luger


The Ruger SR9c compact pistol weighs in at 23.40 oz. and features an overall length of 6.85″, a height of 4.61″, and the same slim 1.27″ grip width (across safety levers) as with the full-sized SR9. It comes with two magazines that provide options in both capacity and grip size. The standard magazine holds 10 rounds and features a flat bottom butt plate; a finger grip extension floor plate is also included. The second magazine features a grip adapter and holds 17 rounds, instantly transforming the smaller, compact grip into a full-sized 9mm grip. The 3.50″ barreled pistol features an integral accessory rail that accommodates most lights and lasers.

The SR9c compact pistol utilizes the same adjustable, high-visibility 3-Dot sight system as its full-sized predecessor, setting it apart from many compact pistols that rely on fixed sights. New serrations are located on the front portion of the slide, making it easier to both manipulate the slide and to press check the chamber. The SR9c is available with a glass-filled nylon frame and through-hardened slide in either a brushed stainless or black nitrite finish. State compliant variations are available where necessary and ship with two 10-round magazines.

General Observations;

The Ruger SR9c is my daily carry pistol.  I have carried this pistol for 24 months now with great results.  Its slim design fits naturally into my hand and when evaluating other similar quality caliber pistols, this was a priority.  I have also found the balance of the SR9c to be awesome.  I do prefer the 17 round magazines with its extended grip, but even with the 10 round magazines (which are easier to conceal), I have been satisfied with the stability/comfort of the pistol. 

When firing the Ruger SR9c, the weight of the pistol (23.4 OZ) helps eat up the recoil.  When fully loaded (17 round magazine), the pistol can seem heavy to some users, but I have appreciated the weight in its ability to help with recovery/regrouping on a target.  Of all of my fellow shooters whom have shot my pistol, none have complained about the weight and many have commented on its natural balance in the hand.

The safety features are straight forward and easy to use; 1911-style ambidextrous manual safety, internal trigger bar interlock and striker blocker, trigger safety, magazine disconnect, plus a visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator. 

To date, I have shot approximately 10’000 rounds of 9mm/various manufacturer ammunitions through the SR9c and it has not failed me once.  The casings have all cleared the ejection port without stove piping and the performance of the shots has been true.

The suggested retail price for the Ruger SR9c is $529.00, but I purchased my Ruger at a price of $450.00.  It came with 2 magazines (17 rounds and 10 rounds), a magazine loader, breach safety cable, and a lockable plastic case.


I love this pistol!  It has sex appeal and it is easy to shoot and maintain.  The accuracy is great even with this shooters limitations.  The price is fair based upon the performance/reliability of the pistol and its intended use.  I would recommend this gun to anyone whom is looking for a reliable, compact, straight forward, combat style pistol. 

Paul Merryman

Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions

NRA Certified Instructor

My House Was Robbed

My house was robbed this week. 

These past few days I have played the “What If” game.  I have known anger, betrayal and a loss of security.  I now know insecurity.  I have fantasized the revenge scenarios that will probably never be realized.  I have apologized to my wife for not being more prepared (she wields no blame).  I walk through a house that strangers who were uninvited took from.  I can still see where their violent presence was made known to us and I feel a hatred; a vile hatred.  It is this hatred that I am still coming to terms with. 

I hated one other time in my life.  It was hate that changed me and I became what I despised.  We live in a dangerous, cynical world.  There are people who are not happy until they bring upon others the same level of despair that they embrace.  If we allow them to directly or indirectly, negatively change who we are, then we become them; miserable.

I do not know who the individual(s) are who brought this drama into our life.  If I had to guess, they are dopers, looking for their next fix and pawning away the valuables of others to fill a bottomless pit.  This is an educated guess, but I suspect that I am accurate in my hypothesis.  Their demons are real enough though and should they not find peace or sobriety, they will know incarceration or death.  Since they have brought their baggage to my home, I have (regrettably) wished both scenarios upon them. 

Instead, I have chosen to pray for my enemy/enemies.  This has been an exercise that has brought me great pain.  It is not easy for me to bow on bended knee and ask for grace for those whom would bring this atrocity upon my home; but this is the path I have chosen.  I will not live my life in anger, no matter how much I want to succumb to its enticement.  Like all exercises, although it is painful, we grow in strength and it is in this strength that we become empowered.

This does not mean that I will not be better prepared.  My home is now equipped with a “state of the art” security system.  My wife and I have discussed scenarios on what we will do, should we be home and an uninvited “guest” enters our domicile.  I pray that these scenarios will never be realized, but then I also never thought my house would be robbed. 

It is not my intent to solicit your empathy or sympathy for our misfortune.  My wife and I are strong in each other and we will survive this. I share this in the hopes that maybe it will be of help to someone.  Maybe, it will help me…

Initially, I wouldn’t have dreamed of sharing this with anyone outside of my most intimate circle, but after much consideration, this seemed selfish.  Those who know me well will testify to the fact that I am a very private person and I am careful as to what I put out on social media.  But perhaps this will reach someone who is going through something similar.  Perhaps this will awaken a household who has gotten lax in their own security.  Perhaps sharing my story will cause someone to make changes in their own life and thus save them from a grief my wife and I now know.


Paul Merryman

Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions, Inc.

Certified CHL Instructor 

Indianapolis CA-35

I was standing in line at a Starbuck’s, waiting my turn to buy an overpriced, overrated and pretentious coffee, when the gentlemen I hadn’t noticed asked if I would like to see his book. 

It was an early morning at a convention in Indianapolis and I had a long laundry list of things to accomplish that day; clients to meet, new products to review, factory reps to schmooze with.  I had just arrived from Columbus and was in no mood to “kick it” with an outsider who was trying to capitalize on the fact that I was willing to part with good money for a mediocre caffeine beverage.

He had shrewdly set up shop adjacent to the coffee stand and clearly had the intuition/realization that there would be a long line of comatose patrons.  I grudgingly looked over to him to acknowledge that I had heard him.  The words, “No thank you,” were being formed with my lips, but the verbal resonation of my dismissal was absent.  I was standing next to greatness. 

No, I didn’t know him and no, I didn’t recognize him.  What I did recognize was that he was a veteran of a war from a long time ago.  The lines on his face, the stoop of his shoulders and the sagging of his cheeks hid, but did not disguise the soldier of day’s past. 

He gave me a sheepish smile and asked again, “Would you like to see my book?”

This time I found the words and they were, “Yes.”

I stepped out of line (the coffee would wait) and picked up a hardback copy off a small pile from the table.  It was a compilation of stories told by many authors of a day so infamous and yet so unknown by many.  This book was from the men of the Indianapolis CA-35. 

I thumbed through the pages, looked at some various pictures of soldiers still in their youth and narratives of what they had done after the war.  This was their story and dear God in heaven, what a story it was.  The book was a compilation of authors; the surviving members of a doomed vessel that would deliver, “The Bomb,” that would end a war, “To end all wars.”

The Indianapolis had just delivered Little Boy (the bomb that would be dropped on Hiroshima), to Tinian Island and on July 29th 1945 had its orders to return to sea to stage for the impending invasion into Japan.  On July 30th at 12:14 AM, two torpedoes from a Japanese submarine split the Indianapolis in-two.  Of the 1196 men on the Indianapolis, 880 men made it alive into the Pacific Ocean; some badly maimed/wounded. 

For five days these men would experience a hell that no motion picture horror film or novella would ever be able to reenact or portray.  I cannot for the life of me know the terror or despair they went through and when I try to imagine it; I shut down mentally for the sheer terror of it. 

As daylight broke, it was reported that the survivors had hope, but that would soon fade.  They treaded in saltwater covered with the fuel of the ship and the blood of their compatriots.  The sharks in the morning’s light were noticed and reported into the hundreds; maybe the thousands.  For five days the sharks feasted on their live and dead brethren; their wails of pain and anguish tormenting the souls of the still untouched. 

They died of exposure, suicide, untreated wounds and the relentless attacks of the sharks.  Of the 880 men that went into the Pacific still breathing, only 317 men were rescued five days later.  I looked up from the copy of the hardback book I was holding and looked into the eyes of this veteran. 

“You were on the Indianapolis?” 

His eyes took on the, “Thousand Mile Stare,” I had heard of, but had never really seen.  With a slight nod of his head he replied with a quiet, “Yes.”

Words escape me to describe the look of his countenance, but it was his eyes that I will never forget.  They belied a pain, a sorrow that I did not know and hope to never realize.

He showed me his chapter of the book he had written and the pictures of him from a time long ago.  There was also a picture of him and his wife current day and it seemed in this picture, he had found some semblance of happiness. 

I bought the book and as I was handing him the cash he asked if I would like to have it signed.  I graciously accepted his offer and as I watched his shaking hand scratch out his name, I reflected on what a privilege it was of mine to be here in this moment.  A moment I had nearly dismissed with the wave of a hand and a, “No Thank-you,” from my lips.  By the grace of God I didn’t miss this opportunity and I walked away with a new found appreciation for the gifts, freedoms in my life.  All because of men like the ones on the Indianapolis.

The irony of that moment was, we were in a hall that was plastered with murals of professional football stars; “Hero’s” to some.  It is now while I am reflecting on that fortuitous moment in my life, that I recognize had it not been for the immense sacrifice made by the men of the Indianapolis, that these athletic, “Hero’s” might not have been so revered. 

 We are blessed as a nation and as a people.  Many of us do not know or understand what was given by others so that we can enjoy the freedoms of today.  I do not fully appreciate their sacrifices, but since that day, I have sworn an oath to myself that I will always try to remember those who gave so much; themselves.   

Thank you to all the men and women who are serving or have served in the defense of this great nation.  May God bless and keep you and your families in the years ahead. 

From the Book; “Only 317 Survived” with Paul J Murphy

Paul Merryman

Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions

NRA Certified Instructor

Are My Blinds Closed

Early this morning, I awoke from a terrible dream. 

In this dream, a great wolf disguised as a liberator of men descended from the hills of an outlying country.  His demeanor was one of warmth and comfort.  He embraced the sick and held the hands of the oppressed.  He traveled throughout the land promising all, that there was a better way; all they had to do was hope.  The people swarmed to him from lands far away to hear his message of hope and in a short amount of time, he won their hearts and their vote. 

 The wolf was crafty and he was supported by a lion whom had great power and a greater agenda.  The lion directed his wily wolf to bring free professional care to the sick, free food to the hungry, government jobs for the unemployed, free money for the impoverished, free phones for those whom could not communicate and the promise of punishing the wealthy with higher taxes; those who could give more for their beloved country, but lacked the desire to do so. 

 The people applauded and blindly followed the wolf into his lair; hungry for all that had been promised to them.  The wolf excused their lack of will to work with the promise that there were those whom could give more.  His administration would delegate a czar to oversee a “Bureau of Fairness;” demand that more would be taken and then shared. But it was his government that would thrive in this new jurisdiction of equality. 

 There were those whom stood up and declared treason upon his administration.  They were of strong voice and council and they derided the direction that this new government was taking.  It wasn’t long until the wolf and the lion quelled the voices of the constitutional minority.  The wolf dispatched his legions, the jackals of media to decry this minority.  They reported how these upstart collaborators of freedom were dangerous. The “jackals of truth,” (media) called them hate mongers, racist, a dangerous consortium of fascists who wanted to feed the rich and bury the poor.  Soon, the word “militia” was a bad term and casted into a dark shadow of despair.  The small defenders of the truth were lied about and villainized for their voice; their reputations in ruin. 

 The jackals devoured the destroyed reputations of the uprising in a feeding frenzy.  There was blood of the innocent dripping from their fangs and they congratulated one another for their part in this new republic.  They waited as dogs, eyes wide and tongues lolling, waiting on their new master; his approval and scraps of praise were all they needed to be validated.  He was now their new lord and they were at his service. 

 The wolf wielded this new power of influence upon the people.  He decried the evils of democracy, free enterprise, wealth and his media jackals spread his word.  They reported his words, championing his leadership and lambasting those whom would stand in his way.  The people suckled at their teats and drank in the poison that was lies and became bloated on the wolf’s righteous indignation.  His message was of being a lone wolf, standing for the people, alone in a wilderness of greed; the jackals reported and the people believed.

 Soon, the wolf was directed by the lion to take away the people’s right to bear arms. For it was in this new republic, incumbent upon all to follow blindly and without a means to stand strong.  The lion held the keys to this directive.  If he couldn’t take their arms, he would take their powder; for it was he who owned the company.  And so a new bureaucracy was initiated and it was their job to see this directive achieved. 

 The people were now sheep.  They had no means to defend themselves.  They were without a will to earn for themselves.  Their heads were buried, grazing and suckling; soulless. 

The wolf was at the end of his second term, but his power had grown great.  All whom had opposed him had been squashed and broomed onto an ash heap.  With his government fat with power, his opposition destroyed, the wolf approached his fellow conspirators of the world and proposed a “One World Government.”  His allies, afraid of his great power, relented and the wolf became the beast of the world.  

The sheep were still grazing, but their fields of plenty were now getting scarce.  Their lord had sequestered all the wealth unto himself and his legions of enforcers.  The sheep were getting jittery with the rations that their lord was sending.  After a while, they looked for the ones whom had stood up to the wolf, but they were not to be found; the wolf had dispatched them some time ago.  The sheep began to bleep loudly with their hunger and greed.  The truth was beginning to be realized and they were now afraid.  But it was too late; their fate was sealed. 

 The wolf dispatched his legions of enforcers upon the sheep and they were slaughtered.  Their bleeps of terror raised long into the night as his armies waged a one-sided war upon them.  A river of blood and a field of carcasses was all that was left by the new morning’s light. 

 I awoke in sweat fevered frenzy.  The light of dawn of my morning was just breaking through my closed blinds.  “My closed blinds.” 

 I rolled over to my still sleeping wife and wrapped my arms around her.  As we nestled into one another in a familiar and loving embrace, I felt my warm tears creep down my face and onto my pillow. 

 Am I a sheep? 

 Is my head buried? 

Is my nightmare even possible?  

 Are my blinds closed?  


Paul Merryman

Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions

Certified NRA Instructor

My Declaration

I am often amazed by the human race.  We do all we can to destroy all that has been given to us by our creator, our ancestors and by those who gave all they had; themselves. 

 Our political leaders are working overtime to derive every measure of power unto themselves.  “We the people,” is the traction in which they launch into their political diatribes and in the end it is, “We the people,” that get trampled upon.  Our apathy has led to the demise of all that we took for granted and our inaction has led to the greed of our government. 

 We now reward apathy, lack of ambition, failure and defeat with a government program.  That program/bill on its surface, is filled with good intentions. But at its core, it is destined to bloat, consume and bankrupt the souls of those who feed at its trough.  Like a drug dealer to an ignorant client, we consume the poison they are selling and then become the demoralized junkie who seeks for its instant gratification. 

 Woe be to the ones who state that this madness must stop.  The ideologues will shame them for their selfishness and will publicly rebuke them for their lack of care.  They use all the resources at their disposal to keep their program(s) alive and if an unfortunate brave soul states that there is nothing in which to pay for this; he is caustically dismissed as a doer of evil and verbally emasculated into submission.  

 We are out of money.  It is gone.  For those who say that we’ll just make more, than it is to those that I lay some of the blame.  There is nothing left in our national coffers and we are being bankrolled by our enemies.  Our nation is figuratively eating its young by laying this waste of debt at its feet.  We have been deceived long enough and it is time to take a different direction. 

 When will we decide that we will do without a handout to achieve a future for those who come after us?  When do we as a nation say, “No more.”?  Will it be after they take away one more freedom?  Will we unite as one when they dictate what you will do with your life?  Are we now so jaded that we feel that there is nothing we can do?  If so, then we have already lost all that was beautiful about this great nation. 

 It is time to awake and become vocal.  Our bureaucrats have lulled us to sleep and have taken away our country.  Perhaps it is too late, but we owe it to those who came before us and to those who will follow, to leave a nation in freedom.

 I beg of you to not turn a blind eye and to submit to their will any longer.  Stand up for your convictions and do not allow those who wish to quiet your voice succeed.  Don’t you think that you have been lied to long enough? 

 “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”  Thomas Jefferson  

Paul Merryman

Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions

NRA Certified Instructor

Misuse of CHL

I read a dispiriting post from a friend of mine and my heart sank.  In his post he shared how he was shooting pool in a pub and had some kind of an altercation with another patron.  In this confrontation, the other patron produced a CHL card in an attempt to intimidate my buddy.  My friend is also a CHL carrier and did the right thing by defusing the situation, but I was sickened by the actions of the other patron. 

The Constitution is the miracle that endows us with the freedoms we enjoy today.  This beautiful work of art has been tested, tried and defined by many. Its intent has been misconstrued, butchered and trampled upon by those whom would benefit from their own misinterpretation of these inalienable rights.

 And so, when I hear of one of my fellow CHL brethren bastardizing their rights in the name of intimidation, my blood boils.  Too many men/women have given their lives so that I can have this right to defend myself.  They have sacrificed all that they have so that so we can enjoy a world where we can bear arms and defend those whom cannot. 

 We as CHL Carriers represent each other.  Our actions, conduct and demeanor dictate the impression of what a CHL Carrier represents.  When one of “us” conducts themselves in a negative way, this unfortunately is the message that those whom wish to take away this right will illustrate to others.   We must be mindful of the enormous responsibility that is ours, to promote, conduct and educate those with whom would disagree with us.

 I realize that most of us do the right thing and would never conduct themselves in such a boorish manner.  However, I felt that it was pertinent to remind ourselves that there are those amongst us who do not and that it is incumbent upon us to propagate a positive and intelligent message. 

I am proud to stand with those who will embrace and uphold the values of our constitution.  I am proud to stand by you.

Paul Merryman

Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions

NRA Certified Instructor 

Outstanding course this past weekend

Outstanding course this past weekend, with great students!
Next CCW course is April 13th.