Michael Schuiling, Chief Instructor

Chief Instructor, President and CEO of Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions:

Growing up in the shooting sports and enjoying hunting, the natural progression into firearm education came early. With a background of more than 20-years in public safety, public safety instruction and education, moving into the professional shooting arena has been a desire and passion of Michael’s for many years. This has never been more evident than when he is in front of his classroom where he feels most comfortable. His desires to bring the best education to every student is what drives him to continue his own education in the firearm and shooting industry. Michael began his career in firearms education with International Tactical Training, where he was an Instructor Apprentice and Intern prior to becoming a multi-disciplinary certified Firearms Instructor and National Rifle Association Instructor.

Michael carries certifications in First Steps Pistol, Basic Handgun, Concealed Carry Handgun, Center-Axis-Relock, Advanced Pistol I, II, III, IV, Basic Shotgun, Advanced Shotgun/Tactical Shotgun, Carbine, Firearm Safety in the Home Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Active Shooter Response, and Precision Rifle.  In addition to firearm instruction, Michael is also a licensed instructor through the Ohio Department of Public Safety and certified in Adult Education.

Michael Teaching