Defensive Pistol I

Building on the foundations of basic pistol shooting and defense, this 8 hour course is tailored to offer civilians the knowledge and practical skills fundamentals needed to defend themselves or others against an immediate life threat.

The Cornerstone:

We instill in our students that our mind and thought process is the weapon and the firearm is the tool. Using real life scenarios to help students understand the dire need to seek the highest level of proficiency in handgun deployment and shooting skill. Understanding cover and concealment as well as selecting a shooting position and platform during a life-threat situation, that will facilitate effective reduction and resolution of an immediate life threat.

Tool (pistol) deployment and employment and the critical nature of the pistol that is being used; how the pistol may fail or more importantly, how we may fail the pistol, play a vital role in reducing a threat. This course teaches us to work in unison with our body’s natural physiological body response to stress and teaches the shooter how to embrace these issues to exploit them in their favor.

This course is dedicated to learning and understanding the rapid decision making process; weapons management; drawing, or deploying, a pistol in a threat situation from both the dominate and non-dominant hand as well as shooting from various platforms and positions; shooting from and around barricades and objects; selecting cover and concealment; fire and maneuver drills as well as close quarters combat drills.


It is our goal that each individual will leave with a deeper knowledge and respect for how to identify and respond to a real life threat; how their body will react (or fail to react) in a defensive/combat situation; various forms of deployment and employment and body positions that will facilitate multiple shot-on-target and the reality of defensive shooting.

Requirements and items needed for this course:

  • Basic Pistol Course (or) proof of a handgun course such as OPOTA
  • A dependable handgun (Rentals are available and will include a holster and mag pouches)
  • Multiple magazines (2 at a minimum)
  • Quality holster (leather or kydex If using an IWB, the holster must be a style where the mouth of the holster remains open after drawing the pistol, such as a Crossbreed Supertuck)
  • Magazine pouches
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • 400-500 rounds of ammunition
  • Baseball style hat
  • Course Cost is $100. per student

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