Defensive Pistol II

The Defensive Pistol for the Civilian Course II is the second step for those that want to challenge themselves to become proficient in the manipulation and employment of their everyday carry pistol. A prerequisite for the course is the Basic Pistol Course and Defensive Pistol For the Civilian I. Taught by instructors that have dedicated themselves to integrity and professionalism.


The evaluation of lethal attacks and situations where a handgun is used either in an attack or used in a defensive posture has offered more information than what many instructors and schools recognize. Learning and studying these incidents allows us to build a knowledge base on what works and what has not worked. What we know about many handgun defenses that have gone poorly, is that, most times, the defender finds themselves in a compromised position which does not aid or facilitate a positive outcome. Additionally, many sport shooters find out, too late, that many times the ‘Range Application’ of a pistol didn’t work for them. So…. Is your training meeting reality? Are you ready for your armed defense? Are you setting yourself up for failure?

Defensive Pistol II builds from the first 2 courses to bring the student to understand how to manipulate, deploy and employ their everyday carry pistol from compromised positions under stress. The platform in which these shooting fundamentals are taught work in unison with a body under stress and not against it.

What to Expect

There is no classroom time with this course. That is to say that the classroom is the range. The entire day is spent actively engaging the student with hands on learning. The instructors of the course teach the drills with the students in a side-by-side manner; first explaining the how’s and why’s; then showing through demonstration; then participating with the student in the drills. Students will learn how to move, deploy and employ their pistols from multiple and dynamic positions.

What is Covered in the Course:

  • Considerations of cover and concealment;
  • Shoot and movement and movement-shooting;
  • Deploying the pistol from concealment; 
  • Deployment from compromised positions;
  • Deployment from an automobile as a driver and a passenger
  • Reloading (Executive, Tactical & Combat)
  • Stoppages and malfunctions
  • Single hand firearm manipulation during stoppages

What is Needed:

  • A dependable pistol (no revolvers)
  • High quality, strong-side holster (No nylon holsters or shoulder holsters or IWB)
  • Multiple magazines ( A minimum of 2 is required, but more is better. Any low-capacity pistol that is used for the course will require at least 4 magazines.)
  • A minimum of 450 rounds of ammunition (more is better. NO RELOADS)
  • Magazine pouches or holsters
  • Eye and hearing protection (highly recommend electronic ear muffs)
  • We recommend a baseball style hat
  • Dress for the weather. This course is taught rain or shine.

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