CCW Class

Central-Ohio’s Premier Concealed Carry Handgun Course

(We are taking registrations for April 10, 2021 and May 15, 2021 CCW Courses 

While there are many Concealed Carry Handgun classes  to choose from, we are confident that Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions offers the very best firearm education available in Central Ohio!  We dedicate ourselves to excellence through training and education.  Our detailed courses are great for those that may have never held a firearm or for the experienced shooter alike. We are passionate about what we do and strive to be the very best in offering our students top-notch firearm training.  

Our experienced, certified instructors, trainers and range safety officers will help with the novice or beginner shooter with one-on-one training while the experienced shooter may learn new shooting techniques or platforms as well as aid in perfecting their skills at our safe, private shooting range. Our Concealed Carry Handgun Courses offer much more education than many other CCW courses!

A recent third-party, independent, evaluation of the MOPDS Ohio Concealed Carry Handgun Course and Basic Firearm Safety course stated that it “was the simplistic approach to guns as well as the history of guns and ammunition that made the course exciting and entertaining.

Our Concealed Handgun Course covers many topics and issues that other schools and educators will only cover in an advanced or separate course!

The Concealed Carry Handgun Course will cover in detail:

  • How to be safe with a firearm (Including attitude, mindset & safety considerations)
  • How the gun works (removing any thoughts that guns are complex or difficult)
  • Ammunition (what is it, how it works and selection)
  • Safe and Practical Storage of Firearms and Ammunition
  • Malfunctions and handgun problems  
  • Pistol selection, cleaning and maintenance
  • Purchasing, Firearms, Holsters, purses and everyday carry options (helping all of our students be good and strong consumers and help them wade through the sea of firearm mumbo-jumbo)
  • The shooting Position (how to stand, aim, hold and fire a handgun appropriately and accurately)
  • Live-Fire experience and Range time (shooting the handgun with our instructors, trainers and Range Safety Officers)
  • Ohio Revise Code Sections 2923 (the laws that govern the concealed carry of handguns in Ohio and other States)


We are located in southern Richland County, just a 15-minute drive from Mansfield or Mt. Vernon. Courses are held at 20 Henry St., Butler, Ohio 44822. This is the Butler Adult Center, located directly behind the Richland Bank (on the corner of College St. and Henry St.).
We conduct the Concealed Carry Handgun Course in a one-day format, with 6-hours of class room time, and  2-hours of range time. All courses begin sharply at 8:00 AM.
Our private shooting range is located a short drive from where the classroom is located and offers the safety and privacy very few others can.
In the winter months, we will migrate our course to am indoor shooting facility and classes may be slightly longer due to travel time.
We are ADA compliant and are happy to help any person with special needs or physical barriers.


Private Courses

In addition to our standard “public” courses we also will travel anywhere in Ohio to set up a course. We are happy to come to your home, location or organization to conduct a course for your group of four (4) or more with the shooting at either your location or at our private shooting range. (Number of student requirement is based on mileage we must travel.)
Private course may selected the day of the week as well as start times. If you have less than four (4) students the price will increase slightly. 2-day courses are available, however, there is a light increase in price to do so. Private classes of 11 (or more) the host of the course is FREE! Please contact us for more information.


What you will need:

  • A handgun (any safe handgun may be used. However, we reserve the right to deny the use of any handgun that is not deemed as safe, by our standards.

  • 100 rounds of factory-made ammunition. No reloads.

  • Eye Protection

  • Hearing Protection

  • Cost is $100. Per student (Range Fees may apply during winter months)

Handgun Rentals

MOPDS does have high quality handgun rentals for those that may not own their own gun yet or you may prefer to shoot something different. Handgun rental is $10. The student is still required to bring the required 100 rounds of ammunition for whichever caliber they intend to rent. We suggest students not buy a handgun just to take the course because their thoughts on the purchase most likely will change after they have gained more knowledge after the course. We have .22LR, .380, .38 Special, 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, 500S&W Mag.  If you are intending to rent a pistol, please contact us so that we may best select a pistol that will suit you and your needs and abilities.