Carbine I

Mid-Ohio Personal Defense Solutions is excited to offer Mid-Ohio’s Only Carbine Course. This course is taught by experienced, certified instructors and trainers with many years of experience in the shooting sports. 

Recent events and the legislative response have created an unprecedented demand for AR carbine and similar carbines. Many of the purchasers are first time carbine owners with much to learn. The defensive/tactical carbine is unique weapon system with a steep learning curve. If you are a first time AR or carbine owner, or an experienced shooter who would like to take your game to the next level, this course is a must.

The Defensive Carbine Course is designed to provide each student with the core skills needed to properly and effectively utilize an AR based carbine both safely and effective manner in both defensive and sporting applications.

This intense one-day (8-hour) course will include:

  • Safety
  •  History of the AR Platform
  •  Nomenclature
  • Carbine Function and Design
  • Operation and Manipulation
  • Ammunition Selection
  • Ballistics
  • Optics and sighting
  • Trigger Control
  • Proper Shooting Positions
  •  Precision Shooting to 50 Yards
  • Close Quarter Battle Drills
  • Malfunctions and Resolutions
  • Balancing Speed vs. Accuracy
  • Personal / Home Defense Considerations


This course includes 4 hours of practical instruction, followed by 4 hours of practical application and shooting at our shooting range.

This course is primarily designed for the AR platform. However, students are welcomed to bring any other serviceable carbines such as, AK’s Mini-14s, SK/SKS, etc. Please understand that portions of the course may not apply to these specific weapon systems.

Required Equipment:

  •  Serviceable Carbine
  • Minimum 2 Magazines
  • Minimum 200 rounds of factory ammunition – NO RELOADS!
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection

 This course will be held in Butler, Ohio (near Mansfield, about 1 hour north of Columbus & 1 hour south of Cleveland) and with the shooting drills at our private, multi-level shooting range. Space is limited. Please contact us today!


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Or contact us at 419-566-9665